What is nFax?

nFax is a fully managed NBN ready cloud solution to all your faxing needs. With nFax, you can get rid of your old fax machine and move the entire processes to the cloud, while controlling everything from your email. We setup and manage the service for your so you can quickly benefit, and save time and money.

nFax uses your existing office email infrastructure to send and receive faxes. When a fax is sent to you, it no longer prints out on your old fax machine, but is sent to your email as an attachment. Not only does this mean that faxes can be managed from your desk, but you can simply trash spam faxes without having to waste time and money on them being printed.

nFax also sends faxes via email, which for the most part means you don't have to print off documents or cover sheets and prepare your fax. With nFax, you send the fax from your email as an attachment, and you are instantly updated on it's success, delivery, or failure. And, if you have a copier that supports scan to email, you can even fax directly from your copier without the need for fax integration.

Retrieving faxes from the fax machine sounds simple. However, complications arise when the fax machine has run out paper or toner. Or the fax has been misplaced - at some else's desk, in the bin, or on the floor. It becomes more frustrating when it happens not once but twice in the day and you have to queue up for the fax machine.

Sending a fax has a lengthy process of creating and printing a coversheet and then finding available fax machine to send the document. When you have done all that you find out an hour later the fax has not gone through to add further frustration to the process.

With desktop faxing these complications are avoided as faxes delivered to your email inbox and the ability to send faxes from your desktop with confirmations retuned to your email inbox.


Fax to Email

The nTech & Communications nFax Service allows you to send or receive faxes at anytime you have access to your email. Faxes are viewed in an electronic format avoiding unnecessary printing and allowing you to easily store faxes on your PC.

Low Cost Fax Solution

Starting from $16.00 per month you can have an Australian fax number to receive faxes and access for email accounts to send a fax from your PC or laptop. No need to outlay money for a fax machine, paper, fax toner, and fixed line phone number.

Never-busy Fax Lines

The nFax fax numbers have built on-demand capacity to receive many fax calls at once, allowing you to process fax documents quicker and grow your business with confidence.

Easy Integration

No software, hardware, or telecommunications facilities required. You only need to be able to send and receive email and you will be up and running within minutes.

Reliable Business Grade Service

The nFax network has built-in redundancy providing an extremely reliable network uptime of 99.9%.

Guarenteed Service & Local Support

At nTech & Communications we pride ourselves on our level of support and service to assist clients. We are locally based in Armidale and are available to fix any issues that might rise.

Quality of Service

The nTech & Communications nFax Service provides high quality faxing without depending on your data connection (level of broadband) or compatibility with IP Fax gateways.

NBN Ready

Fax solution ready for the NBN! Port your existing fax number over to the service so your customers and suppliers can still find you.

nFax is a managed service by nTech & Communications

Providing the best solutions for your needs

Advantages of nFax

Save Time and Money

The money saved is reductions in telephone line rental, paper, toner, fax machine, maintenance, and office power usage.

Costs Fax Line Rental Fax Paper & Toner Fax Machine
Fax machine $49.00 p/m 6 to 10 cents a page $200 to $500 upfront cost
nFax $34.00 p/m $0.00 $0.00
Savings$15.00 p/m 6 to 10 cents a page $200 to $500 upfront cost

The above table compares a tradional fax machine environment with nFax F200 Plan with no excess usage charges.

More importantly you receive future savings, as these costs multiply as you grow.

A big cost saving is time because to retrieve a fax manually the average time is 3 minutes. Which equates to $1.25 per fax assuming the hourly rate of the person retrieving faxes is $ 25.00.

In comparing this to the nFax F100 Plan , assuming the average length of faxes are 2 pages. The cost of retrieving faxes manually starts to add up when the volume grows. This is best shown with table below comparing costs of manual retrievals versus desktop faxing from nFax.

Faxes retrieved 200 2000
Manually - Costs $250.00 $2500
nFax - Costs $74.00 $781
Savings $176.00 $1719

The above table compares a tradional fax machine environment with nFax F100 Plan with excess usage charges.

Improved workflow and reduction in paper usage

Receiving faxes into your email inbox in an electronic format allows you to distribute amongst co-workers easily via your email plus all your correspondence is in one place.

Electronic faxes can be saved easily in a central location on the network or computer. Allowing you retrieve documents easily at a later date and avoid the filing of documents in filing cabinets.

Types of Fax-to-email and Email-to-fax Solutions

For a business with one computer or a complete network there are two options you can choose. One is an in-house solution that involves the coordination of software, hardware, and telecommunications facilities and ongoing maintenance.

Or the nFax Service that delivers desktop faxing as a service with support and redundancy included.

The nFax Service is ideal for a business wanting to focus on their core business and interested in freeing up time and resources.

Key Benefits of the nFax Service

  • Suited for a One Person or Australia Wide Orgainisation. The service is cost effective for a one-person user or a large group of users. With the ability to deploy service Australia Wide within minutes.
  • No software, hardware, or telecommunications facilities required. Service can be set up the same day you order and with no large upfront investment required.
  • No configuration. From day one the service is provided at optimum level. No risk with configuration delays
  • On Demand. Scaling and capacity issues are taken care of by nFax. You can add numbers or users at any time.
  • Support & Redundancy. A dedicated team is focused on delivering a superior service.


Most used plans displayed. Corporate pricing available on demand.

PAYG $16/month

  • Pay as you go!
  • 20¢ per incoming page
  • 23¢ per outgoing page
  • 89¢ per page to 1300

F100 $34/month

  • 100 pages in/out included
  • 18¢ per incoming page
  • 21¢ per outgoing page
  • 81¢ per page to 1300

F200 $48/month

  • 200 pages in/out included
  • 17¢ per page incoming
  • 19¢ per page outgoing
  • 73¢ per page to 1300

*All prices exclude GST

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